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Friday, June 09, 2006


My first marriage lasted only two weeks, I already got remarried. Mind you, it was with the same woman.

When we were in the rainforest, we stayed a couple of days in a jungle lodge with an Indian (or Indigena) family. When they heard we just got married, they decided to organise a proper - Amazon - marriage for us, according to the traditions of their tribe.

So my wife, who became my fiancee once again, was dressed up with a beautifully decorated scarf. It really suited her heavy trekking boots. I on the other hand wore a poncho (with a large red cross on the back and on my chest) and a hat. The daughters acted as my fiancee's withnesses, and I was accompaneed by the two sons. They took us by the hand and we did a kind of dance, while the father sang the appropriate wedding dance song. We were facing each other and then shuffled towards the other each at our turn and accompanied by our young withnesses/guides. This went on for a while, and my youngest whitness - I think he was four or something - started pinching his crotch with his free hand because he had to pee.

After ten minutes of shuffling back and forth we were officially married according to the tribe's ways and we were allowed to kiss each other again - much to my relief.

The father told us that in their weddings, people dance and drink all night, but we didn't get any booze that night! Maybe it's just as well, because a couple of days later at another local family, we got to taste 'Chicha' the local alcoholic drink made of maniok (or other plants). I do prefer a Belgian beer, especially when you know that Chicha ferments because the women take it in their mouth, mix it with their saliva and spit it out again.


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