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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Digital Doggy Do

Last year I finally bought a rather expensive digital camera before our trip to Portugal. It's a Canon EOS 350D and it set me back some 900 euros. I quickly found out I also had to buy memory cards, as they were not included, so there went another 210 euros. To carry it around, I bought me a nice camera bag that set me back another 120 flaperitos.

This year, I invested in an additional lens, a Canon 55-200 telelens to capture things that would otherwise be too far away to notice on a picture. And to make very cool effects with the object or subject in the front being cristal clear while the background goes all blurred. That set me back another 300 euros, and I also bought a couple of filters of which a rather expensive polaroid filter. I also acquired a mini tripod, to take pictures of ourselves with the timer, or to make nightly pictures and so on.

Somehow I can still cram it all in my not-very-large camera bag. Which I put on the ground a couple of days ago when we arrived at the jungle lodge. I had to help my wife and our backpacks down from the back of the truck that had brought us there.

When I turned around, I saw that the cute little black doggy of the owner of the lodge had done a not so cute wee-wee on my 120 euro camera bag with the 900 euro camera and the 210 euro memory cards and the 300 euro telelens and the expensive polaroid filter and the not so expensive but still valuable UV filter and mini tripod!

That bloody dog was so lucky that his owner was close by, or I would have given him a tremendous kick with my steel reinforced walking boots. I have a size 44-45 (European), I would have launched him over the moon. Luckily, the 120 euro camera bag proved to be waterproof.

But it did smell.

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