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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

First Day at School

On Monday I was healthy enough to go to work again. To emphasize the fact that my summer holidays were over, weather here was more than fine, with temperatures reaching a solid 30°C. My hopes for slowly getting used to work again were drilled into the earth last Friday, when my colleague informed me by mail that I had to defend a very difficult dossier on Tuesday. So I couldn’t gently lower myself in the hot bath. Instead it was a very cold shower yesterday. I never had a case so difficult to plead, we had 9 hours of gruelling negotiations and discussions with people who came back to the same old arguments for more than a thousand times, no matter how well we explained and no matter how many times we pushed them with their noses on the proof that the information they demanded was really in the documents we provided.

On of them really insulted me by saying that the document I wrote was in poor French. It’s not my mother tongue, but it’s not worse than my English.

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