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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Giant Flying Alarm Clock in the Sky

I’m all tired and cranky today and it’s all the fault of the police. At 5.45 this morning we were waken up by a very load roar coming from directly above us. That’s strange, because we live on the top floor, above us there’s nothing but the roof. It didn’t take me long to figure out that it was a police helicopter, hovering directly over the centre of Antwerp and waking approximately 200.000 people with its noise.

For some reason, it didn’t fly away, it just stayed there. It was like an enormous mosquito that just refuses to go zoom anywhere else but directly next to your ear. But in this case, swatting at it with my slipper just didn’t help.

Why the police got me out of bed an hour too early I still don’t know. I’m a law abiding citizen: I don’t cross the street when the light’s red, I don’t put out the garbage too early (if anything it’s too late) and when I walk trough a park a generally wear more than just a rain coat. It’s harassment, that’s what it is. But I’ll have my revenge. Next time they go out for pizza, I won’t clear the street when the careen trough the streets with all there sirens and flash lights on. They’ll have to lift me out of the way by helicopter.

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