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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Family Planning

When we got married a couple of weeks ago, my best man gave my wife a coupon for an artificial insemination. So yesterday we put her onto a truck and drove her to the breeding centre.

Of course, I’m talking about Julia, my wife’s horse.

She’s fifteen now, and still going strong, so she is in good breeding condition. We selected a stallion that has a gentle character, because Julia herself is already a pretty feisty animal and she can sometimes be rather headstrong. He also has ‘iron legs’, meaning that despite an international jumping career he never had any problems with his legs. Horses in general are a bit vulnerable in the legs, much more than ponies for instance. And Julia suffered from a mild case of arthritis a couple of years ago, it runs in her pedigree. So hopefully the little foal won’t have the same problems.

The father’s name is Unique II Drum van het Juxschot. He’s an older stallion, 26 years old, but still going strong with more than 1.300 direct offspring. He’s won a great number of prices at national and international jumping tournaments. When we saw him in his stable he still looked very impressive, he’s very tall and muscular with a magnificent broad and strong neck. A couple of minutes later we had to stand back as his owner released him. He galloped right from his stable to the paddock, without any leash, and really showed off there.

Julia’s really a lucky girl.

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