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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Honeymoon pictures I

How about some pictures from our honeymoon to Ecuador? Do I hear a yes? Anyone? Oh, what the heck, I'm not going to wait until the internet really becomes interactive...

Quito - Beggar in front of cathedral

The side portal of the cathedral of Quito

Backpacking to Papallacta hot springs

Backpacking to the hot springs of Papallacta. From left to right: my wife, the kiwi couple (New Zealand) that travelled with us and our GAP guide.

Tropical rain forest - flowers

Chameleon in Ecuadorian rain forest

A small chameleon in the tropical rain forest in the east of Ecuador.

Ecuadorian rain forest - giant spider

I spotted this spider on a boulder in the middle of a small stream. It was as big as my hand!

Tropical rain forest - jungle pool

A jungle pool close to our cabin.

Jungle walk - guide

We hiked a day trough a jungle stream with a lot of waterfalls. This is our guide on his way to fasten the rope on which we could steady ourselves. Often we only had the rope to climb the slippery and steep rocks.

Ecuador - waterfall in Oriente

Bart gets treated by medicin man

On one of these climbs I jammed my bare shoulder in a rock next to the waterfall. Needless to say the rock didn't survive the collision. I also suffered some minor damage, my shoulder was bleeding a bit. Since open wounds can get seriously infected in a tropical forest before you can blink with your eyes, our guide / medicine man treated me with a plant that has antiseptic and antibiotic characteristics. Anyway, as you can see I got used typing with only one arm...

Bushmaster snake

On our way we met this (young) Bushmaster snake. It's very venomous and our guides got a bit apprehensive, but luckily he'd already eaten a tourist that day so we could pass it without getting harmed. Notice that the photo is blurred due to the photographer trembling with fear (and bad light conditions and a 200mm zoomlens at maximum range).

Ecuador - waterfall in Oriente

Ecuador - plant life

Ecuador - stick insect

Can you find the stick-insect? If it wasn't for the guide we'd never have seen this one.

Ecuador - Indigena woman

Local women are a bit shy, but our guide's wife was a great cook.

So, that's all folks (for now).

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