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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Car Race

What was supposed to be a calm week-end, turned into a race to see as many cars as possible in as many different garages as possible. We had to do everything by bike, because as you know our old car’s engine is doing a very good impression of a solid chunk of steel. I think we did over 30 km yesterday, visiting a Citroën garage (open), passing by a BMW garage (too expensive), continuing on to a Nissan garage, passing by a Jaguar garage (way too expensive) on too the first Opel garage. That one was closed, so we moved further to the Renault garage and then to what I thought was another Opel garage but instead it was a Ford garage. We also passed by a Volkswagen/Audi garage that I didn’t know off, a Nissan garage that had moved and a Rover garage.

In the afternoon we drove to another Opel garage. It was closed again, but we learned that the other one nearby was also closed too because of summer vacation so at least our legs got spared there. Off it was then to the Peugeot garage at the other side of the next town, which was also closed. Then we rode to the other Peugeot garage that I knew, after calling them to make sure they were open because this one was rather far away and by that time we were in serious danger of getting our tongues stuck in our moving front wheels. Oh by the way, all this was done in about 34°C. My forehead can now be mistaken for a red traffic light, but luckily this sunburn doesn’t hurt (the nerves have probably been burned away).

But all this rushing around did lead to something. In the running where:

You may notice that these cars are especially suitable for young families. However, they don’t come with kids included so we will have to make our own.

And the winner is…

(drum roll)

Oh, look at the time. Must be off now, bye!

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