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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

It’s a Boy Car

Okay, before someone explodes because of a critical combination of curiosity and impatience, I will end the mystery about the choice we made for our new car:

Peugeot Partner 'Totem'

Indeed, the Peugeot Partner ‘Totem’ 1.6 HDI 75hp diesel with double sliding doors, oodles of space, handy shelves above the doors, steering wheel, fold-away tables in the back, wiper on the back window and more cup-holders than you can imagine possible. Move over Porsches, this baby does 0 to 200 km/h in… Well never, because it has a top speed of only 150km/h. But we’re told it drives like a dream, thanks to no less than four (4) wheels. Eat your heart out, you with the old motorbike with sidecar with your lousy three wheels.

It has enough room to move three babies fully packed with diapers, prams, changing thingy, extra clothing, feeding chairs, playing cribs and overflowing diaper emergency changing tents with garbage processing oven. Or alternatively you can pack it with three saddles, two sets of riding boots, a cool box stuffed with sandwiches and half a horse. And for the handy DIY-er: the Partner can handle every piece of equipment you can buy or rent at your favourite DIY shop, including that high-powered professional series roof tile cleaner you’ve always been dreaming about.

Two more weeks and we’re mobile again.

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