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Friday, August 04, 2006

Honeymoon Pictures II

Time for some more pictures of our honeymoon in Ecuador.

Indigena children in a primary school in the Ecuadorian jungle

When we were in the jungle, we visited a local primary school where this lot terrorise their poor teacher. I think the Kiwi couple that accompanied us drove the teacher mad after they gave every child a 'clicker' toy.


The Indigéna family we stayed with had a row with their neighbours after they had eaten their previous pet turtoise.

Panning gold in the rain forest

Our guide showed us how to find gold, so we were practically able to earn the cost of our honeymoon back.


In our next jungle lodge, parrots flew in by sunset to pick up some leftovers from the kitchen. When there were no leftovers they decided themselves what part of our food was for them and what should be left over for us.

Parrot in the evening

Sunset over the river

Mossy tree

Yummy maggot

This maggot was offered to us as a snack. Apparently it's delicious when backed, but you can also eat it raw. It's also very healthy. No wonder hamburger and fries is so popular all over the world, while you rarely find an 'All You Can Eat Maggot Hut' anywhere.

Chicha brewing

This woman is preparing 'Chicha', a local alcoholic drink made - in this case - of manioc. Because they traditionally don't have yeast, the women take this pulp in their mouths and chew it. We were offered some to drink, and I think I was the only one who know the details about this 'brewing' process, in any case the guides didn't inform us. And even without this knowledge, it's an acquired taste.

Making 'Chicha'

Indigéna child in the tropical rain

That's all for now, more later.

Tropical flower

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