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Monday, August 07, 2006

Temporarily Out Of Office

It’s been already six weeks since my last trip abroad (honeymoon) and almost four months since my last working-visit to one of our projects, so high time for me to get my sexy firm masculine (hairy) butt on a plane. Tomorrow morning I fly off to Somewhat More Democratic Republic of Congo (they had elections a week ago, for the first time in four decades).

I will foolishly take my camera with me, which will be stolen about five minutes after my arrival. My bloody cut-up corps will be rotting in one of Kinshasa’s open sewers until it is found by a search party organised by my faithful blog readers five months later.

Anyway, as you know this means I won’t be posting until my return a week later, but if and when I have access to internet I will inform you about my antics in this beautiful but strange country by means of the Haloscan comments. So tune in regularly even if your RSS feeder claims that I’ve been lazy, not posting anything for days. He’s lying, or I’m dead.

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