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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Lost Luggage

My suitcase has returned, two days later than its owner but I shall not complain. All my precious belongings were still in it. Apart from a week’s worth of dirty underwear, socks, shirts, trousers and so on, it also held my precious camera.

I put it in my suitcase because my camera bag contains a lot of little trinkets such as memory cards, filters, a mini tripod and so on that fast fingers could easily snatch during one of the many ‘security checks’ at Kinshasa’s N’Djili airport. I also had to take my laptop with me, and there was only room for that or for my camera in my backpack, but not for both. When I flew to Kin, the laptop travelled in my suitcase and my camera in my backpack. Now it was the camera’s turn to make the journey in the cargo hold.

To tell you the truth, I was a bit apprehensive to take my camera. My employer loves it when I take pictures of the organisation’s projects, but they’re also a bit ambiguous on whether or not they will pay me a new one if it gets stolen or smashed to pieces in the course of duty. And I’m not that rich, especially with all the recent events.

So if you all behave, I’ll show you some pictures I took in my next post.

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