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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Somewhere Down The Crazy River

Here it is, my photographic report of my last trip to 'La République Démocratique Du Congo'

Kinshasa, early morning

Kinshasa in the early morning, cloudy as always despite this being the dry season.

Kinshasa in the early morning

Children get circus training

These are orphaned children getting circus training.

Orphaned children get circus training

Mango tree blossoming

Mitsubishi Pajero jeep

This is the jeep we bought. Pretty nice for an African second hand, isn't it?

Congo River, fisherman

On Sunday, we went to a spot some 30km west of the city, near the Congo river rapids.

Dry riverbed with piles of rocks

In the wet season, this would be a raging torrent of water. In fact, I'm standing in the middle of the riverbed. In the dry season, people have easy access to the rocks and pebbles, so they can earn a bit of money excavating stones.

Stone quarry

Congo river - erosion Congo river - erosion

It's amazing to see the shapes the water has carved out of solid rock. These funnels give an idea of the force of the whirlpools in the river during the wet season. No swimming here!

Congo river - rapids

Congo river - riverbed

And a nice sunset-over-the-river picture to finish it all off.

Congo river - sunset

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