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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Brokeback Mountain

Despite the title of this post, I didn’t become a gay cow herder overnight. Although I must confess that I do own a cowboy hat – which suits me very well I am told – and as you know I do mount a wild bucking animal once in a while. I was talking about a horse of course.

No, I was referring to the mountain of debris that I hauled down the stairs and into the garden this weekend. On Saturday we went to the container park twice with a full car load of rubbish that I ripped out of the dining-room-that-we-won’t-be-using-to-dine and the master bedroom. And on Sunday I tore out the rest of the bedroom ceiling, shovelled everything into a big plastic box and carried I don’t know how many boxloads into the garden. So next week we can shovel it all in boxes again and bring to carloads to the container park for recycling. We’re only allowed to bring two cubic metres per week, that’s why we have to do it in phases. Otherwise we’d have to rent a container and that’s WAY over budget now.

So hence the broken back, because of the mountain of debris. Tomorrow I will be feeling extremely sorry for myself. To make things worse, the seats in most Belgian trains have cushions that are stuffed with granite. So I would appreciate it if you could all help me feel sorry for myself.

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