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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Statistically Speaking

Almost 15 years ago, when I was sweating and cursing simultaneously over my statistics exam in my first year of university, I would never have guessed that I would one day get addicted to statistics. Not only have I been digging up my old textbooks in order to improve the hyper-sophisticated-all-bells-and-whistles-monitoring-organisational-development-programme that I’m writing, I even developed a strong need for them in my free time.

I’m talking about the statistics of my weblog, that little number on the bottom of the sidebar. At least once a day, and often many times more, I check my stats to see if anybody has any interest in my blog. At first the numbers just crept up by two or three a day, barely a reason to keep on writing you’d think. But there was so much love crap in me that just had to be dumped somewhere and the toilet wouldn’t take it any more. Almost a year after launching my weblog, I’ve assembled a steady flow of fans and I get between fifteen and twenty hits per day. Not bad considering the fact that I haven’t told any family or friends that I’m a blogger (bar one friend, and my wife of course).

Still, I must admit that I’m hugely jealous when I read about some people’s success. The Mighty Duck has just found his 1.000.000th victim. One million! At this rate I’ll need 400 years to get that number! And closer to home the excellent but strangely named weblog of Smiling Cobra has bitten 10.000 (Dutch speaking) readers in the leg, hissing at 130 people a day. And I felt so proud when I got 50 readers on my wedding day (thanks to Zoe and the Twat).

Maybe I should put more naked women on my blog. Mmmmh… must discuss this with the wife. Where’s my camera?

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