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Monday, September 11, 2006


Last Sunday I was doing heavy duty, wielding my angle-grinder with flair and force in the bedroom. I was cutting grooves in the wall to put the new electrical wiring, since I discovered that the old wires are falling apart. Not a good thing with 230 V running through. After making the necessary cuts in the wall, I could then start chiselling the plaster, cement and bricks away. Of course, I meticulously planned everything ahead, making plan on the computer and then drawing everything on the walls. However, our new home had a surprise for me. At one point I was happily hacking my way through the bricks, to make room for a light switch and two electric outlets. But suddenly, my chisel went right trough the wall.

Hole in the wall

Apparently, the wall wasn’t as thick between the bedroom and what’s to be the children’s room as it is between the bedroom and the hallway. To be precise, it is half as thick as expected.

The culprit

I thought I’d better break this news in a careful way to my wife, who was ploughing our front garden in an attempt to remove the weeds.

‘Honey’, I called out of the window, ‘I got some good news. I made an opening between our bedroom and the babies’ so we can pass the bottles of milk.’

For some reason, she didn’t think this was good news. So I quickly covered up the damage.

Skillfully repaired hole in the wall

No-one will notice.

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