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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Julia, my wife’s horse, had colic yesterday. Colic is a bit more serious for a horse than for a baby, mostly because they can die in a matter of hours because of it (horses that is, not babies). Horses’ intestines are not all that well designed and they can easily have an obstruction. Spring is the most dangerous time, when the horses go out on the meadows for the first time. During winter, they get only hay, straw and dried food, so they just love the young juicy green grass. They love it so much that they just eat too much at a time, and especially when the grass is too long they can get bowel obstructions that cause extreme pain: colic.

So the owner of the stables called my wife, and she called the vet. He showed up terribly late and by that time my wife almost got colicky. She was not amused that Julia had to wait that long, especially because our sweet mare is expecting a foal. But he escaped strangulation on the spot by giving Julia an injection and telling my precious one to walk here around for thirty minutes. Enough time for him to escape through the back entrance.

When I woke up this morning, my tummy ached too. I felt like I had to throw up the whole time, which is unfair because I didn’t drink a single drop of alcohol yesterday. It feels like Julia has passed on her disease to me. So I stayed home today from work, trying to rest while man next door is drilling holes in the brick walls of the extension they added to their house a couple of months ago. So yet again, my suffering knows no bounds.

If it doesn’t get better by tomorrow, I will call Julia’s vet.

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