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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Happy Barthday

There is there one yeary hoorah, hoorah!
That can you well see that is he.
And that’s why sing we glad yes yes!
And that’s why sing we glad.

(Er is er een jarig hoera, hoera!
Dat kun je wel zien dat is hij.
En daarom zingen wij blij, ja ja!
En daarom zingen wij blij.)

Bartlog celebrates its first birthday, dear readers. I’d almost forgotten about it, or more correctly, I did forget about it because my first post was on the 9th of September. But let’s not spoil the fun, I’m used to postponing my birthdays because half of the time I’m on a mission abroad for my work and I have to wait until I return before the party can really start.

When I started my blog I wondered if I would be able to keep it up and find enough material to write about on a regular base. I also wondered if my antics would get any attention, given the incredible explosion in the number of blogs lately. On the other hand, many of those new weblogs quickly disappear, making Bartlog a bit of a veteran despite its tender age.

So what will be on the menu, the coming year? Do I have anything left to write about, after burning up so carelessly all spectacular material that you can expect in a man’s life: the wedding, the new house, the new car,… Well, I can only say that especially for your reading pleasure, I will dive head first and completely blindfolded into a series of new developments that will be a source of inspiration for soap-opera scriptwriters for centuries to come. Feel the suspense as I hack away brick after brick until my house is on the brink of collapse! Shout in anger when my wife finally puts me on a diet! Cry tears of joy when I finally find the highly-paid executive job I really deserve! That and much more on Bartlog…

Coming soon to a theatre near you.

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