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Friday, September 22, 2006

Tweety Bird

After the torrential rains of August, September has been quite nice. This week we had some pretty high temperatures, so I opened up the window of our office/magma chamber to cool off and to pretend I was walking outside and didn’t have to work at all.

Suddenly, my total concentration and focus on my work was broken by a little bird flying trough the open window into our office. It flew around a bit, and then tried to get out again. But it missed the open window and bumped its head on the glass pane next to it. Surprised and shaken, it flew to the lamp to recover and understand what the hell had happened.

It was right above me and I could see it was a Great Tit (no cheap comments please, surf to jerkoff.com if you can’t control yourself). It waited a bit and then flew to the window, this time without banging its head into it. Instead it examined this annoying human made barrier until it found the open window again and scurried off.

Leaving the big ugly bird to stew in its cage.

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