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Monday, September 25, 2006

Dead Serious

To prevent our social life from really coming to a complete standstill, we visited some friends this Saturday evening. Despite the four of us being very tired – which showed because we couldn’t help yawning and you know how it is when one person starts that game – it was very nice. Of course, since they also bought a house recently, the conversation quickly turned to the various aspects of home-ownership, moving from one place to another and settling in.

- ‘So’, said my friend’s wife, ‘it’s not that far from the cemetery.’

- ‘No’, I replied.

- ‘I always wondered, if you’re sitting in your garden can you smell the crematorium?’

Stunned looks all around. She was dead serious.

- ‘Yes’, I recovered quickly, ‘every time I smell that scent I feel like setting up the barbecue.’

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