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Monday, October 16, 2006

It’s Going To Be A Warm Winter

To make up for a most dreadful spring, autumn has been lovely so far with temperatures reaching over 20°C and loads of sunshine. But the last couple of days, I started to see the signs of colder times ahead. The leaves of the chestnut trees in the park are already brown and dropping to the ground, while other trees are getting red and yellow rims on their foliage. And the mornings are getting quite nippy, we’re huddling together at the bus stop all grumpy because the bus is late again.

We turned on the stove this weekend, for the first time since we moved. And for the first time since I took it completely apart, move the bits and pieces to a different room, moved them back again and re-assembled it. It’s an electrical stove, or more precisely an accumulator. It heats up during the night when electricity is cheap and stores it in big chunks of metal the size of large bricks. Each piece ways a tonne, so taking it apart and filling it again with the metal bricks wasn’t easy. But despite all of this, it still works! Not that I ever doubted that of course, I was just very glad that there was no need to turn on the stove until now.

So yesterday evening it was all warm and cosy. And this morning it was quite a nice surprise to find that the temperature in the living room was very nice. That will make such a big difference this winter, until the end of last winter (April) I had to scram from my toasty bed through the unheated bedroom, kitchen and hall – passing by the ice-cold toilet – to the freezing living-room of the apartment where I’d have to wait fifteen minutes with my behind on the gas stove for it to heat up my frozen body and the room itself. Gone are those bone-chilling winter mornings!

I love this house!

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