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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Autumn Sunbathing

The weather was incredibly nice today, I can’t remember if it’s ever been this warm in October. The thermometer rose to 22°C, we’re lucky if we get that much sun in summer. I couldn’t wait to get out of the confines of my dark, TL-lit office for lunch-break. I followed the example of the badge-people – the slaves of the European Institutions that have to wear a badge visible at all times to identify them as a separate race. Images of the late 1930’s spring to mind.

But anyway, I got myself a sandwich – boulette since they were out of filet américain – and seated my sexy bum on a park bench. I raced a young lady for an unoccupied one, but I lost by a narrow margin. Instead of pretending that I wasn’t going there at all and starting to look for another one, I asked her if I could sit next to her. As I explained before, this is very un-Belgian-like. So we sat at the opposite extremes of the bench and pretended that the other one wasn’t there. Then a bunch of her friends showed up and the park bench got quite full. The relative calm of the park turned into a busy gossiping and sniggering of young girls so after I’d finished my lunch I decided to go for a walk. Although I’ve been working here for more than a year now, I still don’t know this part of the city very well. That’s because it’s a boring part, as was confirmed by my strolling about. But I did enjoy the warm breeze, the warm rays of sunlight and the joy of the children that were still aware that someday they would have to return their asses reluctantly to their dark, gloomy offices.

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