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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Financial Shock

I have a new colleague since a week or two, to replace our old financial manager responsible chief-executive person. He was a bit worn-out so we shipped him off to Canada. We found a replacement just in time. We have a small office with only three people, and my boss is on maternity leave. For a while it looked as if I was going to be the only one left in the office, which would be very depressing.

But Thursday morning I got a phone call from the brother of this new colleague. She had fallen off her horse. Badly. She’s in the hospital at the moment, waiting for surgery on her arm. Her back received a serious blow too, she’ll have to wear a corset for a while.

I know you all sympathise with her, but think about me! I’ll be alone in the office for weeks. And worse still, I’ll be responsible for the financial management. We’re doomed I tell you! We’ll be bankrupt by Christmas!

My first job is to pay the salaries. Would anyone notice if I’d make an 'error' when I pay out mine?

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