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Sunday, December 24, 2006

…To Be Jolly!

I’m grumpy today. I don’t like the Christmas period, ever since puberty washed away the joy of receiving tonnes of toys. We’ve been running around from here to hither to buy presents, to receive presents, to buy more presents, to wrap presents, to buy Christmas decorations and so on. Yesterday we raced to and through the city to buy the latest presents and food for the coming days. Then we drove to my parents for their Christmas party, the last one we’ll have without any grandchildren running around. My sister does an impressive impersonation of a Christmas ball, she’s eagerly awaiting the delivery which should happen around mid January. We all did a pretty good impersonation of the balls in the tree after eating copious amounts of turkey with cream-and-wild-mushrooms sauce.

This morning we were off hunting for presents and Christmas cards again, and this afternoon we’ll drive off to Bruges for Christmas diner at my mother-and-her-lover-in-law’s. So more presents, more copious amount of rich food and then tomorrow we’ll repeat all that at my grandmother-in-law’s Christmas drink. Cake anyone?

I was really looking forward at the long weekend, I’m really tired of work and as you may have noticed my blogging volume has reduced somewhat because of it. But instead it will be a rally from one place to the other, as usual. And next weekend it will be the same mayhem all over.


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