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Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Last Party Of The Year

What person in his or her right mind would move on the 30th of December? Who would move if that date would be about two weeks before she’d normally give birth? So woe to me, because I’ve got friends like that.

It happened two years ago, and I was kindly summoned to give a helping hand in the big move from my friends’ apartment to their new house. They both are new Belgians, he being a Macedonian at birth and she from the beautiful Croatian coast. They met and married in Belgium, but their knowledge of how certain things work here was limited at some points, such as how to buy a house. So they were a bit overly optimistic about how long it would take to get a loan, get the paperwork for their new house done and so on. So they immediately gave notice to their landlord, thinking that they could leave their apartment in three months time, while it can take easily six months before you can finally enter your new house. So that is why everything had to be done at light speed, and that is why I was there to help them move on the 30th of December.

But apparently, painting walls and packing boxes when you’re 9 months pregnant is very stimulating for babies, so that very morning, in the wee little hours, a little baby girl decided that when everybody’s going to move, she should follow the trend.

A couple of hours later, I arrived at the apartment. I was very surprised that no-one else was there and I was just about to admit that I’d erred on the date again when I got a message on my mobile. It was a message that the happy father had send me five hours ago, explaining why the move had to be postponed.

But they still had to vacate their apartment on the 1st of January, so the next day we were out again in full force, minus the mother, to clean out the flat and transport it all to their new home, two villages to the south. It was a short new year’s eve that night, as I was absolutely pooped from the move. That was my last good deed of 2004.

Today we celebrated little Ilana’s second birthday. She blew out all the candles on the cake. She had to wait ages for that cake too, because the electric fondue set wasn’t working. But luckily the repairing skills of her uncle Kurt saved the day and the electric fondue set. And then she had to wait even longer, until her uncle Bart had finally finished eating. Uncle Bart loves a good fondue set, i.e. a set that doesn’t take more than a minute and a half to cook a piece of meat. Uncle Bart nearly cleaned the plate, although daddy had ordered food for seven people and there were only five people there because two of them couldn’t stay the whole evening. But even uncle Bart and uncle Kurt have to stop eating sometime, and then there was cake. And she got a very big present with Winnie the Pooh figures and a Winnie the Pooh house with integrated tree house and fun fair. And uncle Bart played with her and her brother until his arms dropped off and then she and uncle Bart gave invisible porridge with a visible spoon to her toy clown.

It was simply the bestest birthday party she ever had. Except maybe for last year's.

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