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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Habby Noo Yeah

10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1… Happy New Year! Mwhah mwhah! Best wishes!

And good health to you!

We celebrated New Year’s Eve with a bunch of friends who had invited other friends and their relatives with their friends. So we found ourselves surrounded with lots of interesting and less interesting people, people we knew very well, people we hadn’t seen for ages and people we didn’t know at all. So what do you wish for people you don’t or barely know? A good health of course, because after train loads of beer and champagne you’re not going to come up with anything more original. And what do you get in return? A shipload full of viruses!

Damn bastards!

So two days ago, the flue kicked in and drove my wife to bed very early. That left me with alone with a mountain of dishes to wash, and as anyone knows washing the dishes is very bad for your health. So yesterday, we both were moaning, wheezing and sneezing in bed. The advantage is that we could go to the doctor together, but the bastard still charged us for two consults. Our illness was identified as an ‘unspecified viral hotsamatotsy’ (the last word is made up as I don’t know the right English translation for what he said). It’s not a real flue, but still it managed to keep us awake for two nights with dry, rasping throats, hot flashes followed by spine chilling colds invading our bodies and feeling around for a hanky that isn’t as soggy as a wet mop yet to get that barrage of mucus out of our noses.

Mrs. Bart was feeling well enough to go to work today, but I’m still a wreck. The disadvantage is that there is no-one around to hear my wailing calls and provide me with hot drinks and loads of kisses. The cats pretend to sympathise, but I know they’re just friendly so they can lie in front of the stove all day. So I threw them out in the cold rain half an hour ago, the hypocrites.

The doctor said I’d be out until the end of the weekend, but on Monday I have to leave to Algeria for two weeks. People there are eagerly waiting for me to spread my wisdom about how to reach universal peace, wealth and democracy in ten easy steps. But since I won’t be able to prepare that mission properly, they might end up in an endless cycle of conflict, despair and poverty instead.

Better drag my ass to office tomorrow then.

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