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Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I should have been in Algeria right now, but the obvious lack of desert and camels and the high number of pubs and fry-shacks tell me that I’m still in merry old Belgium. The people who invited me send me the paperwork for my visa-application just before Christmas. So naturally, my application drowned in the big heap of travel documents that are requested around that period. My colleagues went several times to the consulate, but they were blocked by two cunts (hence: cunt-sulate, woohah!) that just kept on saying ‘no’, without specifying why. So a number of strings had to be pulled to find out what was wrong, and the end result is that my application is slowly rising in the Algerian consulate’s stack of paperwork.

But we still had to cancel my plane ticket, and now I’m completely in the dark about when I can leave. I do have to leave and preferably as fast as possible because another mission to Niger is awaiting me somewhere in February.

Makes you really appreciate democracy and free transit of persons, goods and services. Three cheers for the Union!

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