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Friday, January 19, 2007

The Mexican Dish

Today’s dinner is The Mexican Dish. Contrary to what its name suggests, The Mexican Dish was not invented by a Mexican. It was invented by my sister in law when she was in college and quickly made furore in my wife’s family. They all love it.

The Mexican Dish contains rice, peas, paprika cut in dices, finely chopped up onions and ground up beef. Oh, and loads of curry powder. To me, it looks more like Asian curry-rice than a Mexican dish, but who am I to criticise my sister-in-law?

The Mexican Dish is certainly healthy. And it’s not that it tastes awful, in fact I think it would go well with, uhm… Asian types of food. But my sister-in-law devised it as a complete dish in itself, and this is what I have in front of me. No extras.

When my wife first made it for me, she had been bragging for weeks about how good it tastes and how popular it was in her dorm at the university. Her student friends loved it to the point where they practically gorged themselves till they burst. Because our love was then still young and fresh, I succeeded in hiding my true opinion about the Mexican dish. But that was already a couple of years ago and since then my lack of enthusiasm has seeped through.

Last time it was already bleeding obvious that this is not my favourite dish. My main objection is that it is, well… bland. You just shove it in your mouth, there are no crunchy bits or something to bite through or cut up or anything. Instead of eating, I feel like am grazing.

Don’t you like it’, she asks kindly, like a Gestapo officer ready to beat her prisoner with the back of her hand if the answer he receives is not to her liking.

I decide to be honest. Honesty is important in marriage.

Well, it’s not bad’, I begin prudently – trying to soften the coming blow. ‘But to be honest I find it a bit bland.’

She looks at me in a very stern way. ‘It was a very popular dish at my dorm, you know. Everybody loved it. In fact they loved it so much that they gorged themselves till they burst. We all love this dish at home. It was my sister who invented it…

I munch and listen patiently.

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