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Friday, February 09, 2007

Do Until objReader = acBored

It’s been quiet on this blog lately, I know. That’s because next Friday I will be leaving for Niger again. And before I can leave my monitoring software has to be ready. It’s almost ready, which is more frustrating than you’d imagine because of this endless stream of small issues and bigger problems that keep popping up at the last moment. Despite rigorous testing there’s always some bug that only appears at very specific circumstances, for which you of course didn’t test. In the best case, this means adding or removing a few lines of code. In the worst case I get stuck for days on end, slamming hundreds of lines of code out of my keyboard, only to find out after many gruelling hours that there was this silly little thing blocking the whole shabamble (official computer term). Take it away and the problem is gone. Oh, and you can also dispose of these thousands of lines of code you wrote in a desperate attempt to find a workaround.

Add to this mixture Murphy’s law, and you’ll know how many times I deal with a ‘best case’ and how many times with a ‘worst case’.

Physically, I’m turning into the hunchback of the Notre Dame. When I am working on my computer in utter concentration and under full steam, my posture is a disaster. So my shoulders ache and my neck hurts. I can also feel the tendons in my arms and fingers ‘freeze’, and my wrists feel as if they’re bloating. So you can understand that I wasn’t in the mood for getting behind the computer after work.

I had RSI or Repetitive Strain Injury a couple of years ago precisely from working on the computer, tapping away at high velocity for hours on end and that over a period of several months. I neglected my body’s warning signs, until I could type no more and had to rest. Surprisingly, the world didn’t end because of it. But I know it will if I don’t finish this in time.

The first time I had RSI was in my teens. Strangely enough I didn’t type that much back then. I wonder what other repetitive movement I could have done for months on end as a teenage boy…

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