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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Missed Opportunity

I got a phone call today from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where I applied for a new job. They invited me for an interview on the 1st of March. I’m in Niger until the 3rd of March.


Frustration, because these egg-heads organise all their interviews on just one day, regardless of whether the candidates are able to make it or not. Not very professional if you ask me, if you want people with experience you have to understand that not everyone can be summoned to your office exactly on the day and hour of your liking. Especially if you don’t mention the selection date well in advance. People who already have a job can’t just drop everything, leave in the middle of important meetings or cancel business trips.

But try to explain that to a public servant!

I was rather interested in that job, and the reaction of the lady on the other side told me they were very interested in my CV. But she said they can’t make an exception just for one person.

So tonight I will mainly be sulking.

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