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Saturday, March 10, 2007


So I finally made it back, my trip to Niger was extended by four long days. I was supposed to fly back home last Friday, but Air France let me know that their plane had less seat than would-be passengers. Hiking a ride on the wing was no option either, so I had to take the next plane. ‘The next plane’ in Heathrow or Paris or JFK means you have another flight in a couple of hours or so. ‘The next plane’ in Niger means you have to wait four days.

I missed my Pooky and her Big Belly. I also missed my grandfather’s funeral, for which I was very pissed off. Bloody Air Frog. So I worked my bottom off for four more days and had a long, uneventful and strikingly uninteresting flight back. The temperature shock was not so big as last year, when I consistently jumped from 40-45°C in Africa to -5°C in merry old Belgium.

I took the rest of the week off, that is to say, I worked at home. Or rather, I was going to work on the bedroom which is still in shambles and needs to be finished urgently, what with the baby and everything. But then we got a phone call from the child-care office, which let us know that the nanny we’ve chosen has to stop her baby-refugee-centre because of health reasons. Whether they were talking about the babies’ health or the ladies’ health was unclear. Anyway, this led to a state of general panic, because it’s virtually impossible to find another nanny in such short notice. I started to phone around, and most nannies broke out in hysterical laughter when I mentioned August 2007 as a starting date. They were overbooked until April 2008.



Swallow again!

Luckily I did find a nanny, and a Spanish speaking one at that! Our baby is going to be multi-lingual from the onset! However, we do foresee serious problems when he/she’s going to bigmouth us in Spanish every time she/he doesn’t get what she/he wants. Ayayay!

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