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Monday, March 26, 2007


We went to my inlaws this weekend, for various visits, birthday parties and dinner parties. This reminded me that I still had a bunch of pictures on my hard disk from a couple of months ago. I took my camera with me then, to make a couple of pictures in bad light conditions and grey weather. Excellent for a black-and-white portrait of this ancient city.

Bruges - Smedenpoort - one of the many entry gates to the old city

The 'Smedenpoort' (Smiths' gate).

Misty view on the cathedral

Bruges is world famous for its canals

One of the smaller canals. Bruges has almost as many canals as ordinary streets.

The crusifixion of Christ in the old hospital of Sint-Jan (Saint John)

The crucifixion of Christ in the old hospital of Sint-Jan (Saint John).

British tourists: loud but harmless

British tourists: loud but mostly harmless.

Tourist trap, commin' through!

High-speed Christmas decoration.


Ice-skating ring

Bruges is one of those cities that installs a skating rink every year on the square in front of the famous Belfort.

Bruges is famous for its lace

Bruges is world famous for its lace. Given the amount of lace that the tourists buy here every year, you'd expect that every person living in Bruges does nothing but weaving lace all day long from the moment they are potty-trained until they are put to the grave, 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

The Belfort tower


Christmas market by night

The skating rink at nightfall, photo taken in the main gate of the Belfort.

Skaters on the outdoor skating rink

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