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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Corporate Slave

I’ve been at home all week because little green men that nobody sees or hears but me landed their flying wok pan (flying saucers are so passé) in our garden and invaded my body last Sunday. They started installing some mysterious spying devices in my throat, using pikes, hack-saws and coarse sanding paper. I barely slept that night, as you do when aliens take over your body. Mrs Bart claims that I snored, but it was really the noise of their power tools.

Why doesn’t anybody believe me?

The doctor looked into my ears and nose and mouth and said it is an infection. I have to stay in bed all week. I almost followed his advice yesterday, dividing my time between the computer and the TV. But today I slightly adapted the resting-schedule to go to a job event in the congress centre nearby. It was interesting, because there were only big companies and no NGOs or government services (or not that many anyway) and I got to talk with a number of people that gave me a better idea about what kind of job I could do if I don’t find work soon as a certified world-saver. Besides, pay-rates are way better at the dark side of the economy. I should start finding me some money instead of foolishly handing it out to starving children in Africa and stuff.

And if things don’t work out that well I can always start a Dilbert-like comic.

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