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Friday, March 30, 2007

Iron Man

The Iron Man Triathlon is one of the toughest sporting events in the world. The main event is held at Hawaii, and involves almost 4 km of swimming, 180 km of cycling and a complete 42 km marathon to topple it all off. Only the best of the best compete here, and you’d better be an iron man to even think about appearing at the starting line.

I don’t know if I could ever make it, because let’s face it: I’m a 35-year old desk jockey that can barely cross a swimming pool, stay upright on a bike and when I have to make a run for the bus stop, I’m running out of breath before I even reach the corner of our street. But a man has to challenge himself in live.

So in a fit of lunacy, I ironed six whole, over-stuffed baskets of laundry in less than 24 hours! Try to beat that, you steroid guzzling, over-developed, flab-less freaks!

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