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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours

I’ve got a new job! Since 10 o’clock this morning! I got a phone call on Friday and after some very though negotiations on salaries, bonuses and so on they eventually gave in and hired me. Before anyone accuses me of being money crazy: I’ll earn 15 € more than I do right now, the discussion was entirely about me not wanting to drop in income. So this morning, I could come and sign the contract.

It should be a fun job, I’ll be responsible for the follow up of a number of projects in Congo, but it is already foreseen that I’ll make a blitz-career within the organisation. That is the most important change for me: no more feeble young organisations that can go bankrupt any moment for this blogger. I’ve chosen for the security (and rigidity) of a larger structure. So I can have a career! I can grow within the organisation! And as an added bonus, it is far less conspicuous when you hide from work in an organisation with eighty employees than in one with three employees, you included. But of course I’m all motivated and pro-active and so on, not to mention my great communication skills, flexibility and ability to work autonomously but still as a member of the team. Fuck that, I’m in!

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