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Friday, April 06, 2007

Digital Dark Room

I took a day off today, originally to work on the bedroom but there were some other chores waiting for me. I had to design a card for when the baby is born and my sister is starting to wonder if I’m ever going to finish the pictures of her daughters baptism before Hebe gets married.

So this young lady kept me busy all day:

Little Hebe - my sister's new baby girl

I checked 159 pictures of her baptism. To some I had to do some extensive work because the light conditions weren’t all that great and I don’t have a decent flash (apart from the teeny-weeny built-in flash that is just good enough to chase the shadows away on a bright sunny day). On the other side, who can say no to a beautiful smile like that? She’s growing fast, here’s a picture I took the day after she was born, lying in her father’s arms:

Little Hebe in the arms of her father

I really love that picture.

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