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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ardennes In Early Spring

We went to the Ardennes for the Easter weekend. It's a beautiful mountainous region in the south-east of Belgium. It's one of the few more-or-less natural reserves we have in this country, excellent for walking. And photography of course.

Forest road between the pine trees in the Ardennes  

Can you smell the resin?

Dead pine tree (Belgium - Ardennes)  

Dead wood with banks of mushrooms (Belgium - Ardennes)  

Small forest lake (Belgium - Ardennes)  

Moss in the undergrowth (Belgium - Ardennes)  

Forest stream (Belgium - Ardennes)  

The area is criss-crossed by small streams and rivulets. Sometimes there are small bridges or trees laid over them. But sometimes you have to wade through, as we had to do at this point.

Butterfly (Belgium - Ardennes)  

Branch (Belgium - Ardennes)  

Spring is in the air!


Horses in a meadow (Belgium - Ardennes)  

Daisies (Belgium - Ardennes)  

I used to eat these when I was a baby.

Cranes in flight (Belgium - Ardennes)  

We heard a strange sound and looked up. It's a flight of cranes flying to the north.

Bison (Belgium - Ardennes)  

Bison (Belgium - Ardennes)  

These ladies are not native but immigrants from North-America. My brother lives on a bison farm.

Bison in close-up (Belgium - Ardennes)  

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