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Saturday, April 21, 2007

I’ve Hit The Ceiling

I’ve hit the ceiling today, literally. After months of preparation, we finally installed the new ceiling in our bedroom. I am now the proud owner of a ceiling. I can’t tell you how proud I am. I am gleaming with prowess, according to my brother who acted as Assistant Vice Managing Director for Screws today. I hired my father as senior consultant, you just can't refuse 45 years of experience in these matters, can you?

The room looks completely different after a day’s work. Did I tell you how proud I am after today’s work? Oh, never mind, just take a look at these pictures:

False ceiling - aluminium beams


False ceiling - after installation


False ceiling - halogen lights

I'm especially pleased with the halogen lights, my desk will be beneath them, between the old chimney and the back wall. There are still some finishing touches to do, but that’s for tomorrow. One disadvantage is that my neck’s gotten all cramped up after staring up for hours on end, not mentioning holding up plates weighing 2 tonnes and screwing in 5.000.000 screws with a 250 lb. electric drill.

I’m so happy I’ve got a ceiling!

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