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Friday, April 27, 2007

Hammock Time

Like the rest of Europe, Belgium has been basking in the sun the last couple of days. In fact, all of April has been lovely so far. People have switched from winter clothes to their lightest summer garments, some even dug up their bikinis to sunbathe in the park (well, the women did).

Sitting in my dark alcove at work, I can only stare out of the big window at the other end of the room. I have one big consolation: lying around in the hammock when I get home. There’s even no competition for our single hammock, because Mrs. Bart is barely able to get into it and totally unable to get out of it. In between the exercise would kill her back and sever the nerves in her legs.

Aaahh, lovely!

(Lying in the hammock, I mean)

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