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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

In The Heat Of The Night Lunch

I almost got killed today in a police chase. For the record: it wasn’t me who was chased. I was one of those innocent bystanders that have to jump for there life while the culprits drive their vehicle (in this case a small motorcycle) over the sidewalk at break-neck speeds. It all happened when I returned from lunch break, when I heard a police siren approaching rapidly in the street that I was about to cross. I waited for the police car to pass, but suddenly I saw a motor driving straight at me. I jumped some four and a half meter up from fear in a completely controlled Kung Fu reflex. The motor careened past me, the driver in front and a passenger on the back holding the loot. But because they hit the curb of the sidewalk of my well aimed karate kick, the bag he was holding dropped to the ground.

Oblivious to this, the police van turned the corner, only to loose the racing robbers fifty meters later between some apartment buildings. Time for me to step in, and to take up my civic responsibilities to the full. I picked up the bag (with a handkerchief off course, I’m not daft), established a safety perimeter, rerouted traffic and organised a citizen vigilante group to escort me to the police car a bit further up the road. There I handed over the key piece of evidence in what will no doubt be the case of the century to the waiting police men.

However, I must say I was somewhat disappointed that they didn’t need my eye-witness report. However I shall write down everything in detail and send them a twenty page report (original plus three copies), or better still, I’ll bring it to the highest chief of the Brussels police tomorrow morning at the earliest convenient hour. Six o’clock should do, or better make it five thirty to be on the safe side.

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