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Friday, May 25, 2007

Are Old Friends Electric?

I was looking at the news the other day, when I saw my old pal Kristof. I haven’t seen him since my student days, which means we’ve lost touch some ten years ago. We were both active in the students’ magazine of the political, sociological and communication sciences department, aptly named Polstok.

And there he was, on TV. Apparently he’s the director of his own firm now, and they have a worldwide scoop: playing digital games in real-life environments. A group of players – the police – have to catch a single person – the crook – in an area of a square kilometre in the city centre of either Ghent or Antwerp. They have to track him by GPS and ‘shoot’ him by mobile phone (or GSM as we call it). More information on their site, but for the moment it’s only in Dutch.

The whole thing started me thinking about the other people I used to hang out with and that I haven’t seen since those days of drinking, dancing and partying (and studying of course. Oh, forget it, who am I kidding?) So I asked detective Google to trace their whereabouts. But the results were rather meagre, apparently my old friends are not that active on the internet. Or else they use a false identity to prevent me from finding me. Now really, what a ridiculous thought!

The one person that I did find was Jeroen (before anyone breaks a jaw, it’s pronounced ‘yeh-roon’). He was our in-house cartoonist and did a hell of a job adding funny-spices to our sometimes hilarious but sometimes also very bland texts. He probably was one of the main reasons why students even bothered to buy the magazine in the first place.

I’ve never seen anyone draw like he did: he didn’t make any sketches before he started, he just put it right on paper the first time around. For years I’ve been expecting to find his work, but until now he hasn’t had a major break-through. He does have a really nice weblog though, as Google pointed out to me. Go visit it and enjoy his latest work: Happysad on www.kartoen.be

It’s in English, so go on and spread the news!

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