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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Personality Test

I’ve devised a personality test for women. Choose one of the three answers and check the results below.

Situation: you have some guests coming over.

When cleaning the toilet…

  • A) You use a toilet brush and/or a sponge that you only use for this purpose. You do this well in advance so everything is spic and span when they arrive.
  • B) You put things off to the last moment, and when you realise that you almost forgot to clean it you grab the nearest thing at hand: an old rag that you also use to clean the furniture.
  • C) You use a washing cloth.

When you’re done cleaning…

  • A) You stow away the cleaning liquid and sponge in the closet underneath the sink.
  • B) You throw the rag in a corner, wondering whether you shouldn’t put it in the laundry before you use it again on your furniture.
  • C) You hang the dirty washing cloth on the side of bathtub.

When your partner takes a bath and unknowingly uses the sponge/rag/washing cloth to wash himself…

  • A) You calmly explain that this is the toilet cleaning sponge and that he mustn’t use it to wash himself.
  • B) You calmly explain that this is the rag you use to clean your furniture, and you feel guilty for leaving it in a corner of the bathroom instead of throwing it directly in the washing bin.
  • C) You yell at him for using the washing cloth that you used to clean the toilet with.


When you’ve answered A to all of the questions: you’re a normal, clean and well organised lady.

When you’ve answered B to all of the questions: you’re a bit of a bohemian, putting things off to the last moment. Also, cleaning is clearly not one of your favourite hobbies.

When you’ve answered C to all of the questions: you’re my wife.

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