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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

It’s A Girl

No, Mrs Bart didn’t give birth to a hermaphrodite, nor was there an administrative error on the part of the hospital. Mrs. B. wasn’t the only pregnant lady in our family, remember?

That’s right, Julia – my wife’s horse for those just tuning in – has given birth to a beautiful baby girl foal. Mother and daughter are doing rather well, but not all’s how it should be. The little girl is rather weak and skinny and can’t stand up on her own. That’s bad, because she needs to drink every fifteen minutes or so. Baby horses drink up to thirty litres of milk per day. To make things worse, Julia hasn’t exactly been the perfect mother. She accepts the foal sure enough, but she doesn’t let it drink. She turns around every time the poor little thing finally manages to get to her mother’s teats – with some assistance of G., the horse breeder.

The old man’s been amazing, he helped Julia deliver in the middle of the night. Without him, the foal wouldn’t have stood a chance to survive. And then he helped the little girl up her feet every twenty minutes or so and shoved her under her mother. Even when last mentioned mother blatantly refused to cooperate and even bit him in the arm at one point!

Thanks to his love and care, Julia is now accepting that her foal drinks and doesn’t have to be forced to stand still (although G. still needs to hold her steady). He reckons that tomorrow or the day after at the latest mother and daughter should be doing fine. The first 24 hours are the most critical, and we could see for ourselves that they were improving all the time. Tomorrow we go back, Wolf liked the change of air and all the horsies because he suckled his mother almost dry.

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