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Monday, June 18, 2007

Sleep Deprivation

I have troubles writing this, my brain needs all the available resources for essential bodily functions, such as breathing and blinking my eyes. I’m exhausted from being tired after not sleeping for four nights.

Our little bundle of joy sleeps rather well, during the day that is. But as soon as we take him upstairs to sleep, he becomes as energetic as Speedy Gonzalez after fifty cups of coffee and an oil drum of Red Bull. He’ll toss and turn in his crib and cry for hours on end if one of us doesn’t take him in our arms and walk around with him in the room. So far I’ve made enough laps around the bed to take me to Neptune and back. We suspect he has reflux, he can’t stand sleeping on a flat surface and he will only doze off in his play pen, which has a tilted bottom. This means Mrs. B. had to sleep two nights on the sofa. We also have to keep the lights on.

In desperation, we drove to every furniture store in a thirty kilometre radius to find us a baby bed with a bottom that can tilt. We finally settled on one model that didn’t have this feature, but that I could at least adapt. I felt too tired that evening to set it up, and we paid dearly for that with another cry-night. So first thing on Sunday, after relieving Mrs. B. from her night-time duty, changing his nappy, cuddling him for two-and-a-half hours, changing his nappy again and going to the bakery’s, was setting up the new baby bed.

This night he did sleep in our bedroom again, Mrs. B. wasn’t banished to the sofa this time. But it would be a stretch to say that we had a quiet night. To start with, we were both so stressed out that it took us ages to fall asleep. He still would have the occasional hunkering for comforting. And he wanted to drink so much I think he stretched Mrs. B’s nipples half a meter.

Morning came all too soon, at 6.30 the alarm clock ripped away the blankets, dragged me out of bed and kicked me down the stairs. And so endeth my annual leave…

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