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Monday, July 09, 2007

Summer Sales

The Summer Sales Period has taken off again. Women all over Belgium are scurrying over the shopping streets and malls to find the ultimate bargains, shouting, biting and kicking at each other. On the background, you can hear the incessant wail of husbands and children as they drag their feet, stick their heads in the umpteenth pullover or undress again and again to try on another pair of trousers or shoes.

And so on Saturday, Wolf and I were dragged to the high streets of Antwerp for our tour of misery. Although I pointed out to my wife that I had plenty of fashionable clothes that are barely fifteen years old, she would listen to no reason. Granted, most of my jeans have holes in conspicuous places, but as long as I keep my legs crossed when I sit down no-one will notice. And when they do notice, they will be so stunned that they won’t dare to mention it, or even look down again, so what’s the point? And no-one sees the holes in my socks anyway, because I wear shoes, don’t I? As if Mrs.B. will let me out again wearing socks and sandals. And a piece of string can easily replace those loose elastics of my underwear. So why bother?

- Sigh -

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