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Friday, July 13, 2007

Keyboard Crash

I couldn’t log in when I fired up my computer at work this morning. The keyboard was out of order, I couldn’t push controlaltdelete let alone enter my secret username and password, which are… Yes, I can wait until you’ve found a pencil and a block note.


What was I talking about? Oh, yes. The keyboard.

I said to my boss that I was technically unemployed because there’s about nothing I can do without computer. Unfortunately, he send me to the IT-guy. He fiddled around a bit with the cable, but it still didn’t work.

- My hopes were rising.

Then he tried another keyboard, but still the computer was blocked.

- I left the room to have some privacy to dance with joy in silence.

When I re-entered, he had fixed the problem.

The bastard!

Posted by Bart at 10:26 PM
Categories: ICT - Inevitable Computer Troubles

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