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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Get Well Soon

Wolf couldn't go to the creche today. Yesterday, one of the two ladies that take care of the children had a stroke, in the middle of the day, while she was taking care of the babies. Luckily, she got into the hospital very quickly. But as a consequence, the creche was closed for the rest of the week, and we don't know whether it will be open next week.

So today, Mrs. Bart wanted to take him to her work – giving him an early internship as a law student. But her boss wouldn't have it, so she had to stay at home. Tomorrow is my turn, so I will be changing nappies and warming bottles instead of staring at a computer screen all day long. It will be good practice too, because in two weeks I'll be in charge of the baby for three weeks in a row. More pessimistic souls spell disaster, but I say what can happen, with three very well equiped hospitals so close by?

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