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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Relaxing Weekend

What can be more relaxing than having a barbecue with a couple of friends on a hot sunny day? Well, if you have a baby in the house, many, many things are more relaxing than having a couple of friends over to barbecue. And when those friends all have babies themselves, just about anything is more relaxing than having a barbecue, including jumping out of a rapidly deflating balloon with a benjii cord that has to much slack and not being able to remember if you fastened the other end, or trying to invent funny metaphors late in the evening after a very long and hard day of work.

As you know I stayed home on Friday to take care of little Wolf, because his creche was closed. I managed to do the dishes AND to mow the grass. But unfortunately he was a bit ill from the vaccinations he got the other day, so he needed a lot of attention. In fact, he was not feeling well during most of the weekend, so his mother had to flop her tits in and out of her brasier to feed and comfort him, while I dashed around the place like an overdosed Tour de France winner.

Saturday morning I got up early to drive to the store and buy everything you can imagine for a BBQ for eight, only forgetting a beefsteak for evening dinner. The butcher was out of drum sticks, much to the dismay of my loved one, so I jumped back in the car to buy drumsticks, enough charcoal to sail the Titanic back to Liverpool and totally superfluous garden candles. Sadly, I forgot the steak again. Then I cleaned the whole house and the garden. I forgot to go for steak but did manage to finish the second part of what will be a stunning homebuilt wardrobe for the wife, eventually. In the midst of construction, Mrs.B. asked me about the steak for diner. She then decided it would be better to take matters in her own hands, and went to the butcher's herself. That evening I cooked the veggies that needed cooking, while installing software on Mrs.B's refurbished computer.

Sunday was a mad dash of final preparations before the guests arrived. I set up a huge tent in the garden using leftover materials from the bedroom, and I was still in my dirty working clothes when the guests arrived, cutting more vegetables for the salads.

As soon as the four babies were aware of each other's presence, they started a howling contest. I don't know who won, but my nerves definitely lost. Still, things started to calm down a bit once we had dragged the two tables from the first floor to the garden and everyone had settled down with a drink and some snacks. But no rest for the wicked, so I lit up the barbie (the grill, not the doll) and started slapping some meat (well scampis at first) on the hot coals.

Needless to say, the food was excellent – brag brag – and everyone was very pleased. I however was most happy when everyone had gone home, after doing the dishes and giving me a hand with bringing the tables back upstairs.

We both vowed we'd never do this again, having a giant barbecue for four couples with babies and having to do the preparations with a sick infant ourselves. We were both exhausted, we still are. Wolf is still a bit grumpy, although his cough doesn't sound like that of an old chain-smoking miner anymore. And as you can see, I'm way too tired to blog.

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