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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Bomb Run

I was hit by one of those laser-guided heat-seeking super-cooled mega-drops when I went for lunch today. With unfailing precision it found the narrow gap between my coat and my hair, splashing like a wet icicle on the bare skin of my neck.

Ooooh, the pain! The terror! The faces of the people on the other side of the street when I started to jump around like a medicine man doing the rain dance on an ant hill.

These are no ordinary drops of rain. Their precision is amazing: they never fall on your coat or your hair, they always know how to find a warm spot of bare skin. When they miss on the first run, they just make a looping and try again.

They are also much heavier than ordinary rain drops, at least ten times as heavy. They’re much more dense, packing more water in one drop so that they are at least twenty times as wet as ordinary rain water. And they are super cooled, meaning that they remain liquid despite being several degrees below freezing point.

I hate them. Hatethemhatethemhatethem!

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