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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Cuteness Contest

We were going to meet Mrs and Mr Thistletwat and baby Zoe this weekend, to establish once and for all which baby is the cutest: ours or theirs. The Thistletwats came over from merry old Albion to the country of the wet summers (Belgium) to celebrate the anniversary of Mr T's mother. So we arranged to see each other in Bruges, where they'd rented a cottage for the occasion.

Sadly, things fell in the water, the proverbial water that is because the weather was not as wet as predicted. Mrs Thistletwat is suffering from sciatica and the pain was blowing her brains out, so sadly we had to cancel the whole event.

So for now, Wolf remains the cutest baby boy and Zoe is the reigning cutest girl. But one day we will meet, and then we will decide for once and for all who is the cutest baby.

When they're both sixteen or so.

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