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Monday, August 20, 2007

Free Time

Four days into my – very much deserved – vacation and I'm ill. My wife was so kind to share her sore troat with me, and it's kept me awake for two nights (my sore troat, not hers).

The tranquility I've been dreaming of the past weeks seems to evade me, it's been nothing but running around (mother's day, visit the new baby that Mrs.B's sister had on Tuesday), DIY-ing (finally finished the cupboard, now preparing to paint the ceiling) and pampering the baby. Wolf's nanny is taking her annual vacation too, so I'm promoted to housewife. Apart from cleaning dishes, doing the laundry, warming bottles, cooling too-hot bottles, re-warming previously-too-hot bottles, feeding still-too-bloody-hot bottles, changing nappies and clothes-that-were-puked-upon-because-the-bloody-milk-was-still-too-bloody-hot, there's not much else I do.

Last year I was marching through the Ecuadorian rain forest during my summer holidays.


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